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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  May 29, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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while everybody and welcome to the kron 4 morning news.
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>> also this memorial weekend nine bodies were unclaimed will have a different ending and we have one of the most credible political analysis with us today and will get caught. also women and money >> let's take a quick look on outside to see we have to deal with this beautiful
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summer sunday morning >> has definitely seeing different conditions today than we had yesterday. how we're going to stay dry for the rest of your holiday weekend. started out in the '30's and now forties and fifties. . and another windy day around the bay area. upper 60s and lower '70s throughout the bay area.
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>> top of the news president barack obama when and the governor of missouri will meet today to see the devastation from the f five on a tornado that touched down in that area. 900 people were injured wrist. but joplin chambers said over 2000 businesses have been affected. could be the deadliest tornado since records were starting to be kept in 1950. >> michele wong lee, a
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nursing student is now missing. all her vehicle was found a few blocks from the hospital, it doesn't seem that she has any psychological or physical problems. that they will continue the search >> there'll be a ceremony later on today with the unveiling of the jonestown or memorial will be under today. one surviving member of a family that was lost or
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in the mass suicide reporter ryde jim jones had sued to prevent this memorial colored >> now look at the traffic around the area, they may not have to close lanes throughout the area. three of the eastbound lanes were opened earlier this morning. westbound traffic is not affected by this now the construction. >> not much good news for those writers of bart, they are making maintenance or repairs. art the important
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thing to right remember is that passengers need to transfer her to the pittsburgh on a point area the >> we're going to have a preview of memorial day ceremonies throughout the maier >> also sarah payless begins her boss toward. >> or taking a look outside walnut creek whirlpool the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>> will take look at this there is still falling in the late toggle area. freshly fallen snow
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reparations and now under way at the national >> lockheed martin reported a breach of security but all their security was kept safe.
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>> we're gonna take a low at sara whalen and a closer look to see if she will be running for president and 2012 carrier >> this is alive look outside not over san francisco or whether to come. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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>> sara paling until it like all holy war on a sunday morning. but social conservatives, had not
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endorsed halen with. >> she is kind of blank spot slate. >> palance said she has long time to define herself if she gets in the race and she will be with the rolling thunder important motorcycle rally in washington. >> not since the fall, the soviet union. la the mall next important political
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>> want to talk about the climate change not whether or not as civil climate james. our next guest is a senior fellow at stanford university with an outstanding book
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>> i feel that this time it could be great war could be terrible they have religion right now like in egypt >> what about countries like yemen are what are they going the other way? >> the problems in the middle east were caused
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because of pride of flags it's not a question of the good democrats against bad >> how can it resolve itself? >> than a gauzy and tripoli felt when their political masters, we may get lucky in her. it looks like nato is that there right now >> there are some things you just cannot help is that correct?
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>> right now we are helping democratic forces into benicia. political parties and working women's groups were. there was an article in the times this morning they want this kind of help and all this bad blood over the palestine issue >> you have a couple of monarchs and morocco and jordan if you were advising them what kind of advice would you give? >> they could become like denmark or holland or with the ballpark. there is a
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parliamentary democracy in places >> if i was the mark i would worry about being put in jail or losing my head? >> the monarchs concede genuine power and can leave us with all and dignity. >>
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>> alive look outside at san francisco with are roof cam. maybe chile in some parts of the area that's pitiful at a >> lots of sunshine out there quite different than what we saw yesterday a little bit windy. satellite and radio show us how the
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storm passed through yesterday are gone past outside are warming up right now. close to the temperature will be in the upper 60s and lower 70 is brought the bay area will an awful weather forecast in just a few minutes >> i live look outside and at the bay bridge. with a beautiful day around the bay and the east bay area.
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how they and may not have to close the elaine's " they are making faster progress. >> error about 50 minutes ago we completed our work. all lanes are now open right now on the bay bridge the completed at the work overnight however for the rest of the memorial weekend and no more construction in the area and her. >> let's talk about this change most moderates will see will.
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>> her as you're coming off the other rich and heading into our londa where will, we have improved radius we cannot open the with a bridge. we had a great crew working on this project and finished early her even with the rain. our congratulations to them >> the other good news is it there has not been a lot of traffic in the area
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>> people tokyo of the message we put out there where about the construction work. congratulations >> on a job well done. >> and the bay bridge to bart, barred crews are " on the maintenance to carry >> as a result of the emergency repairs the most affected will be the dominant and fremont lines. . the important thing to remember is you'll have to transfer and to get on to
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the bare pittsburgh re point line. these delays are expected sunday and monday until 2:30 p.m. her. also delays next saturday june 4th-fastest. >> state government wants to close over 40 parks and there is a catch. they have federal funding and will not be able to close. >> a look it candlestick her state park empty
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>> this is a very good parked it's out in nature >> candlestick is one of the 16 parks receives funding. >> date created the park for a reason they took the money and you cannot take that part away once you have taken the money >> even lift circumstance
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continue it is all subject to federal approval. >> an attack on civilians in afghanistan. >> i'll look outside over san jose and we will be back in just a few minutes.
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nato and afghan troops are searching in the area for rebels is allowing affine not for cutting off the new whitefly sell new-line services her for the area of care >> the space ship endeavor and all looked at will be honored last space walk that
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was taken on friday. commander market kelly said he is looking forward to coming home. this'll be last voyage for the endeavor able to and bill into a museum >> fall forecast for eds and a beautiful view are around bay ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> take a look at the shot at a the and florissant. ski bunnies are happy and there
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is still skiing in colorado. this is all part of a storm that was in the sierra yesterday. >> let's find out about the weather not only in this the area but in the bay area >> i look outside at the golden gate bridge and have lots of sunshine and blue skies, people start to the morning, lots of sunshine later on this afternoon. there is a chance of this showers as we head into the midweek. park a look around the bay at the temperatures lower 50s upper will pick up ths
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afternoon does all went as high as 30 mi. per hour later on today. windy day today mild temperatures, and mostly sunny. proper '60s around the bay area. at i'll look at your 7 day forecast as we head into tuesday there is a slight chance of
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showers rain began on thursday and then we warm up. the check-in to traffic >> white veterans that not received proper burial are being honored this weekend >> they came to remember the forgotten the remains of nine men that serve their country had died with little or no recognition. >> it is a frightening thing that human beings can die and no one could market their graves.
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>> the room or remains of each servicemen were never claimed by loved ones. veterans groups decided honors it should be given to these men >> it was a great honor i cannot put into words it was extremely difficult i knew nothing about soldier >> today we are gathered to honor someone son, we are their family we share a common bond >> a common bond of service
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>> it still enough money and
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to keep our roof over your head of " ensued on your table. we are taught to be rational all money of variable is the book is about paying attention how we are responding
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>> city got enough to eat and you have a perfect and then you lose $10,000 because of something you did wrong or all bad investment and good a start to death people get so upset and are more emotionally tied to money >> money represents a lot of things in our lives. we are very judgmental about other people, and we are judgmental about ourselves. because of the taboo about talking about money we never talk about losing $10,000.
8:56 am
we don't get to hear from other people how they deal with money >> why are we so shy about money? >> i'm not going to tell you how much i make on the air or in private. some of it has to do with the culture. in chinese culture, when he goes, they say how are your doing and how much money you make. we have to censor what
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we say and how we come across. we carry a lot of weight of self-worth. >> we know what we are having a problem with money? >> sleeplessness at night and not being able to spend money on ourselves hodge, having resources, been too tight, social network with her. >> commercial currency is the name of the book and anybody watching right now can recognize some of the symptoms.
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>> when we come back charlie chan and and stick around.
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>> welcome back to this second hour of kron 4 morning news. we're right and have more and the tornadoes also eyeing about
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the missing in nursing student. >> an update if you use the bay area bridge is, don't worry about it or. >> all with take look outside over san francisco where a and what people will be heading to the park >> we're taking a live look outside san francisco
9:02 am
>> rear and a be a at the rally 70 by 2:00 at lowering to the 60 by 8:00. what whether the past through the bay area has passed. it is warming up nicely. upper 60s along the peninsula and we will have a full 70 forecast in el little while >> as we match your earlier
9:03 am
good news for those kids are traveling on the bridges wrote. all east all lanes are. >> could be another stories on bart bart is making some emergency repairs would the important thing to remember it will have to transfer at 12 street to the pittsburgh wave front line. december delays next weekend >> president obama and the governor will meet in joplin today ", one week
9:04 am
after it that each five tornado touched down. dublin city officials now put the death toll at 139, 900 people were injured. 300 businesses and 4000 jobs will need financial aid in the area this has been the deadly as tornado season since records began a tow in 1950's. >> a student was taking a class as a college credit
9:05 am
never return. when her car was found a few blocks from the area. >> in oakland, memorial for the victims of the jonestown will be dedicated lerwick on call this afternoon allows angeles minister a loss of 27 family members filed a lawsuit that the cemetery memorial included the name will of the temple leader jim jones his followers drank cyanide
9:06 am
least kool-aid. >> civil injunctions have been used to keep people off their property. a look at how this ruling affects property around the area >> the ruling is a setback for the housing authority, housing officials have used this tool will to prevent crimes. background information have injunctions against 75 people cannot visit any of the properties. when this is all list of the people that had created
9:07 am
problems in the past. one case of that when markets and johnson stated that he was visiting his family members. officials do say he was also selling drugs in the area. all in junction obtained by the authority parked in a drawn-out. >> and all were going to take a look at lake tahoe. it is amazing to look at >> look outside life at walnut creek.
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>> we are but now back at 9:10 a.m. a look outside at this know the as that is released now will >> now to look apportion in d.c. at preparations for the national concert to be held later on today all. a dress rehearsal was held last night be became and a symphony orchestra will also participate >> lockheed martin said they had a breach of security.
9:12 am
they are looking into the extent of the security breach. lockheed said a security team detected 0 dot that breach. >> a lot of people are not taking off at this time of year will take a look at that >> now looked out at our mt. tam cam when and we are glad you're with us hope you stay with us for the rest of the denver
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>> san mateo bridge on left a look outside know rain while skies
9:16 am
>> had to the lookout >> lots of sunshine blue skies all lot better picture than we saw yesterday some places started out in the 30's lots of the sunshine as we enter into the afternoon when it. we are going to stay dry for the rest of the weekend showers are in the forecast for next weekend >> or tracking the winds right now 23 malt per hour in fairfield and they are going to pick up as the day continues 29 in san rafael, at 16 at fairfield. 18 in
9:17 am
fremont 72 napa 73 degrees for the high and san francisco. a little bit cooler along the coastline and a quick look at the weather around the bay. shell or forecast for tuesday will not last long tryout by thursday. >> memorial weekend is the official start of summer a recent survey have found a
9:18 am
george will they are not leaving the office. >> as it the beat her her trips you will last a lifetime according to a survey. in most people are not taken the number of days allotted for their vacation each year a lot of people filled would rather be at their desk with an eye truck of a lifetime >> guilt will make not has not take the time off. one
9:19 am
in four workers cannot afford to take time off. one-three will fill less guilty of taking a vacation that last year. >> at least take a friday and turn off your cellphone >> that is a tough one to turn off your cellphone of oil. the crude shipped endeavor will be leaving they had their final space walk on friday there expected to return to florida. commander kelly said the mission that
9:20 am
well and is awaiting to get home and to see his wife gabby gifford very >> charlie chan said, the wise man questions himself i'm gonna be talking to the man out there wrote a book and i will be talking to him out the real charlie chan. psst
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>> this is delicate a first- rate gentle film " that was mayor. how charlie chan is a noble ambivalent. there is just one a at california would award with. there really was a charlie chan it's there, not a and some guy in cannell hyaline. finds out about him? >> yes from a small-time all i'll earle ho a beggar's was
9:25 am
born in ohio on. one day he was vacationing in hawaii on waikiki, he meant this interesting with will that was a detective her. the first charlie chan was palace without a key and bus first charlie chan actors were polynesian are not chinese is a little unknown fact it was not until the
9:26 am
great sweet is actor with charlie can. >> cultural tenn., to with why the interest >> and charlie chan to me with embodies to import and aspects of american is a crisis we with a zero now a yellow face gave to interesting blossom of odds with. in this character
9:27 am
embodied did on the creative genius of american culture >> what is the reaction to with dol charlie chan and by the chinese >> in that thirties the actor was mobbed by chinese fans partners they are very popular in china. and also very successful >> paul look at the book and he receives his award june 2nd kota commonwealth club dog or to find out more information about the stock.
9:28 am
how >> allow outside of the sentence is going pretty nice right now will be brought back >>
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good morning everybody and welcome back kron 4 morning news. take look at what is going on in this era looks like a winter wonderland now at with this first her windows of snow in maine.
9:31 am
on >> i'll look outside at the san mateo bridge lots of sunshine, a another windy day in the bay area with lots of sun. cooling down later on this evening. satellite and radio show the storm that passed through was yesterday. it will be warming up most of the day. lots of sunshine lots of winds. upper 50s lower 60s
9:32 am
for most of the bay area. will one of your full weather forecast in coming up. >> or taking of look outside at the bay bridge, new good news for motorists all lanes of the eastbound are now open as they are ahead of schedule. >> it has you're coming off the bridge heading into oakland it will be a straight shot her we have improved their radios or that way we can open the bridge all at once and all little sooner or by moving the traffic out of the way. >> so caltrans is
9:33 am
configuring some lanes >> the other transportation issue all around the bay area and expect more delays on bart. mean unscrews are making improvements on the line. and what to look for over the weekend most of the impact riders will have to use at a transfer. >> the most senior in need to remember is the transfer at the 12th street bart entertain and transferred to the pittsburgh bay point line. with the delay will be three to five minutes as compared to 20 to 40 minute said the lay a will be in
9:34 am
effect until 2:30 p.m. region infest until 2:00 p.m. >> the state government wants to close of 70 parks but there is a problem some what xvi receive federal funding so the state cannot close the sparks >> candlestick park was expected zero to be closing the cannot close is part >> this is a very good park it out in nature as a unique look >> they may find a reprieve
9:35 am
director candlestick is one of 16 parts there receive or federal funding from the water and wildlife conservation. california has received hundreds of millions of dollars for their parks. a requires that when those parts receiving funds must remain open. >> they created the park for reason they built park, you can't take the park away at once you have taken the money. >> states must provide new or parks where in the area, with other parts have received grants to maintain
9:36 am
their parks where. >> the annual carnival is kicking off today in san francisco you are looking at video at celebrations from saturday the parade is kicking off right now who about 930 in the morning. carnal all represents caribbean heritage >> it was a squeeze play in the bottom of the ninth inning that led to a 3-2 victory against milwaukee it
9:37 am
was they a's over the orioles a 4- >> hours alone not the kings of europe with the key stena a manchester in front of 90,000 screaming and yelling fans. they estimated that over 300 million people watch this >> when we come back we're granite tell you about any year-old boy and how he took care of the veterans. when >> a look at the golden gate bridge not too much traffic and we will be back
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of the wind. >> how people in officialdom's say the nato air strike killed women and children in the wet best part of the country its struggle to civilian homes. nato and afghan troops are inspecting the site and gathering information >> what will bart is with order to pay $90 million because of cutting off phone an internet service. this is the first that against mubarak he is awaiting trial for corruption
9:42 am
charges >> at check-in with henry i >> was all i have a lot time before this is coming here to the south francisco opera. we will give you more information when we come back
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9:45 am
>> kron 4 and we can news a look outside of the bridges fresh snow in the arab hodge. >> sunday and held a difference in yesterday a look outside the mt. tam cam. lots of sunshine in the
9:46 am
bay area starting out in the low '30's this morning mostly sunny conditions with winds picking up her and a chance of showers coming 57 in napa right now 56 in hayward. a look at the winds have heard it in 23 upper our best in some areas expect them to pick up throughout the day. but putting it mildly all round white vaand attached i'll look t
9:47 am
the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. they are mostly breezy and as well as for tomorrow and a chance of showers on tuesday ahead and try and help by thursday, wife and. this 9747 as we head and your we can. >> baths you're either
9:48 am
recycle all wagner is going to be performed by the opera of people and we are joined by the director of this entire project place blame their rain cycle level of to our audience and why it is so pull important >> it's a 17 hour drama in four parts so he does not sit there first 17 hours straight ... did is a story about the golden be insulted by that ivor patrol boat rather rain is restored and this journey is about the ruination of the nature, a
9:49 am
search for greed, power of love. >> this is incredible music this guide monarchs new what he was doing all. it is like climbing everest are running a triathlon how you make something like this that was composed in the 19th century but interesting to today's audiences >> the four operas go over a 400 here. as you can see that aviation treks to.
9:50 am
>> we chose this segment with as contemporary >> pay end-19909 will with the san francisco would where orchestra of will does want and i sat through the whole thing >> home the main character is like a citizen kane and was inspired by citizen kane will and this is a look of him and the board room of in this case he is talking about how he is going to get
9:51 am
that ring back of the matter the cost >> please think about harry potter of move this >> and harry potter stole from faulkner will all these missed come from faulkner's stories or boom that's why bob miller is so much. when we sought a will starve invader reads sophisticated >> this is taking place at a san francisco of opera starting june 14th go to u.s. all brought dock, for more information
9:52 am
>> isla got and we will be back under
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>> this memorial day weekend in a small town. this is an interesting story. eight year-old
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